We validate for the CENTRO GARAGE located at 345 East Congress St.  It is a 500 ft walk through the 4th Avenue underpass.  It is surprisingly close. 

Or you can take the Streetcar.  It is, in fact, a lot of fun.

Otherwise, park on 10th St (on the side adjoining the railroad tracks) between our place and Euclid Ave. You might have to walk a couple blocks.  If you park on 10th St more than 1 block away from us you need to be out of there by 10pm.  There is lots of signage around that will explain this very clearly.


But your husband insists on parking somewhere in the neighborhood:

Generally, the majority of the street parking within a few blocks of us is residential permit parking.

 If you do find a spot though-

– Stay close to the curb

– Stay 20 ft from the sidewalk at the corner, even if there isn’t an actual sidewalk there.

Stay 5 feet behind any driveway

Don’t try to park in an alley

Stay 10 feet from any alley entrance

  • LOOK FOR THE SIGN. If you’re not clear about the signage, don’t park there.
    1. Map of Centro Garage