-We validate for the CENTRO GARAGE located at 345 East Congress St.  It is a 500 ft walk through the 4th Avenue underpass.  It is surprisingly close.

  1. Map of Centro Garage

-Or you can take the Streetcar.  It is, in fact, a lot of fun.

Streetcar Website

-Or park for free on 10th St (on the side adjoining the railroad tracks).  LOOK FOR THE SIGNS THOUGH; in some places the free parking stops at 10pm.


Beware of the on-street parking within a few blocks of us. Most of it is residential permit parking anyway. If you do find a spot though, these are the rules the parking authority uses:

Stay close to the curb

Stay 20 ft from the sidewalk at the corner, even if there isn’t an actual sidewalk there.

Stay 5 feet behind any driveway

Don’t try to park in an alley

Stay 10 feet from any alley entrance

  • LOOK FOR THE SIGN. If you’re not clear about the signage, don’t park there.