The Coronet restaurant is driven by an old world inspiration where we serve our take on rustic european country cooking. We care deeply about all of our ingredients and all of our products. We absolutely love food!

The Coronet is owned by Sally Kane and Gregor Kretschmann. Erika Bostick-Esham is The Coronet’s wonderful chef. Keila Herrington is our amazing head bartender. The food menus are all created by Erika and Sally. The harmony of their collaboration is evident on the plate and on the palate. The meats are all sustainable and considerately sourced and the steelhead always on the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s list of great fish to consume. The menu is seasonally inspired and the fruits and vegetables are organic when possible. We have our own hive of bees!  We all have omnivores gusto, nevertheless our dishes are easily accessible to vegetarians, vegans and gluten dissidents. There is always a bounty of fruits and vegetables on every menu.


The Coronado hotel, home to The Coronet, was built in 1928 and functioned as a hotel until the mid 1970’s. The Coronado Cafe was the name of the original diner that occupied the space. Prior to the hotel being built, the same spot was the site of The Royal Bakery. Sally and Gregor faithfully designed and did a considerable amount of the build-out on The Coronet with Bill Mackey (Architect) and John Woodin (Contractor). We are all so proud to have received the Historic Preservation Award from the Tucson Historic Preservation Foundation for our efforts! Most of the interior details were designed by Sally, from the concrete tiles made in the Dominican Republic to the french bistro chairs. Many artisans, craftsmen and trades men contributed their efforts, Cipriana Salazar, Tony Furman, Jabra Robles, Freddie Chavez, Kiko Villela, Jim Shremmer, Billy Mack, Lakeside plumbing, CBC electric, Peter Baer and Ben Olmstead.

The main piece of art that hangs in the dining room is by the artist Jerome Carlin.

All of the drawings on the menus, coasters and print advertisements are done by the fabulous Miss Gwyneth Scally..

We consider all who come to dine with us here at The Coronet truly our guests. There is so much love and care in all we do and we want everyone to feel well taken care of and to enjoy themselves through the pleasure that only comes when eating wonderful food, drinking wonderful drinks and being somewhere that allows one to transport, for a moment, into the present.